Join us


No matter how old you are - if you have some free time and ...

... some experience working with wood?

... you are super excited about getting some experience?

... some great ideas?

... you are creative and spontaneous?

Then we say ahlan w sahlan - welcome at our workshop!

(Please give us a call before you pass by)


The Kingdom of Garbage is welcoming any material considered as trash

- such as old furniture, used wood pieces, windows, cans, glass bottles, cloths, bicycles, pots, crowns...

- literally all you can find in every Kingdom BUT used.


(for glass, plastic*, metal, paper - please use our recycling box in front of the workshop, open 24/7)

*plastic items: We are able to collect any size of plastic bottles and bigger plastic containers, but no foils.


We can only see wood!

... and no gold as it is the rarest good in our Kingdom.

We have more than one great project idea - some of them can only come true with a little help that we cannot find in the trash.

For more details about concrete project plans, please get in touch with us +962 776 367 509.

The most essential thing we need right now is a CAR to help us pick up the items from the recycling boxes, to offer our customers to pick up their items and used furniture and to deliver our products.

If you know of any used car, that could be turned into a small ziadat4recycling-transporter, of any fund that could help or are an experienced crowdfunder - please don't hesitate to contact us!

We also are searching for a MICROWAVE - if you are about to buy a new one, we take care for your used one 🙂

Please contact us via email or by phone +962 776 367 509 for further information about how you can support our project.