What we face

We are living in a country that hardly has any national waste management system at all, so most of the home garbage and industrial garbage just ends up on the streets. Where it gets collected, there is no waste separation system, so all the trash (including hospital waste, hazardous, material, electronic waste, etc.) ends up in one big landfill. There it then gets partly separated under sometimes disastrous circumstances.

More information about the landfills here: http://ziadat4recycling.com/#pg-8-6


… we are living in a country with one of the world’s fewest forestation. Nonetheless the demand on wood is high, craftmanship and small carpentries are a common sight on Ammans streets. Wood mainly gets important from non-sustainable forestry in Asia, traveling long distances by container vessels till it ends up here.

Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/maps-and-graphics/countries-with-the-most-forest-and-trees/