The Kingdom of Garbage


We are ziadat4recycling – a small local enterprise that is creating unique products out of used materials.

All our products are made by using nearly 100% recycled materials. And this is also exactly the reason why all our products are unique & individual, there is not one product looking like the other. In today’s world this is something very rare to find. Our designs grow from the materials’ own design they provide us with and our ideas.

And as our products are we – unique as one of the only businesses of its kind in Jordan. With 4 years of experience in the field, we are also one of the oldest and most experienced businesses with the most expertise in this field in Jordan.

We don’t aim to produce to sell – we aim to produce to last. We focus on producing long lasting, professional products.

In focusing on upcycling/ recycling, we are reaching out to three fields – saving the environment, establishing new jobs and economic growth, raising environmental awareness. We therefore target three of the most crucial challenges the world and especially the Middle East is facing – huge environmental pollution due to almost no legal framework or national strategy for solid waste management, low economic growth, low environmental education.

Recycling itself is an amazing process that connects different fields – it creates work, it helps to save nature and animals, makes our living environment/ cities cleaner and safer for all their inhabitants.


Join us on our journey to a greener Jordan, to a greener Middle East!



We are located in Jabal al Lweibdeh – Amman’s creative neighbourhood – and are glad to welcome you at our workshop.

For possibilities to support us, please contact us via email: